A New Beginning

So, I’ve been considering starting a FA blog for at least six months and now I am. I do, however, think it is important for me to have a place to talk about kink and what it is starting to mean to me. The only thing really stopping me was the fact the all the blogs have such awesome names! I then started thinking about how the two main things I want this blog to be about- Fat Acceptance and Kink – are generally not considered acceptable by society at large. I then thought, eh, that’ll do, and here we are.

I’ll admit I’m still a bit conflicted about these things myself, which is part of the point of this blog. I am also conflicted about the use of the Oxford Comma, so I apologise for inconsistancy in that, too.

Hopefully this blog will be the place where I actually write down all those blog posts I plan in my head on long walks and we’ll see where it goes.


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